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What to eat in the Everest Region

The Everest Region is extremely popular with mountaineers and trekkers for obvious reasons! The trails around Everest Base Camp are the most popular with over 35,000 trekkers every year. Naturally these trekkers are hungry and look forward to good, filling food at the end of each day. Not to mention a hearty breakfast and lunch!

With dozens of guesthouses, hotels and teashops on the routes (Check information on accommodation), mostly with many years of experience dealing with foreign trekkers, they can produce some amazing food. Every teahouse and hotel has professional cooks but they are seasonal, working mainly September to December and March to May. Out with these times hungry trekkers will still be fed of course but perhaps the person in the kitchen is the guesthouse owner or their family member. But don’t worry, you will be able to see certificates proudly hanging on the wall as many organisations provide cooking courses so that the quality of food can be more uniform through the region and wholesome.

But do bear in mind that the food and other supplies have come through Lukla Airport then by yak and porter to the hotel. It might have taken four walking days to reach you! Therefore, the food and drinks may be more expensive than you anticipate. While Khumjung, Phortse, Pangoche and Dingboche are not really hotel areas (But there is teahouse accommodation and food), some of the larger towns like Namche, Monjo and Lukla have very expensive food as there are several expensive resort hotels in these places, which go some way to increase prices.

Each teahouse and hotel has a menu. You can see samples of the menus you can expect to see below. When it comes to the more difficult to reach places, there is a lack of proper refrigeration. So it is suggested that after Namche meat be avoided.

You might be surprised to see there are bakeries in Namche, Lukla and Tengboche providing freshly baked produce. So you can replace your steak with a nice sweet treat!

Happy eating!

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