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Trekking in Nepal by Mark Tregellas

Trekking in Nepal is a outdoor adventurous podcast by Mark Tregellas brought to you by Magical Nepal.

About the Podcast


I first went trekking in Nepal in 1980. An adventurer by heart I have travelled to over 56 countries but consider Nepal to be my favorite because it is in the mountains that I feel most alive. I continue to return, now with my daughters to introduce them to the magic that trekking brings.

Nepal has changed markedly over the past decade. No longer are the mountains being visited just by hard-core hikers. People with little or no trekking experience want to visit Nepal and independent, current information on equipment, routes, costs, and other advice is difficult to find.

I saw the same questions on trekking social media groups being repeated over and over. What equipment do I need? What trek should I do? How long and how hard will it be? I decided that a podcast was the best way to help others make informed decisions.

The podcast will not only showcase the main treks in Nepal but explore in detail over 100 lesser-known ones that are rarely explored. If you have a question about a specific trek please contact me below and I will do my best to answer it.

I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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