North South Or South North Base Camp

There are two ways to trek the Kanchenjunga Circuit and many people argue about the correct way to go north to south or south to north.

Some say it’s easier to go clockwise (north base camp to south base camp) and some prefer anti-clockwise.

In May 2016 I did the circuit from north to south, and if you ask me my opinion I will say “north to south”.

One reason for me saying this is that at Yamphuding, Narayan and I looked at the descent to Yamphuding (which you would ascent if doing the circuit anti-clockwise) and realizes the four hour descent was very steep! Check my Kanchenjunga trek report before you choose the particular direction.

Four Reasons Why Kanchenjunga North to South Base Camp

  • The gradual gain in elevation
  • Proper acclimatization points
  • Easier to travel Sele Le, as you can avoid steep ascent from Cheram to Miring La
  • Easier to traverse Torongding to Yamphuding

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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