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Many expats come with their spouses or are young and just starting out and full of enthusiasm and charmed by everything and very quickly seem to integrate into the local scene. But what happens if you are single and slightly older? Particularly if you have lived in other countries, you will perhaps be less charmed by (yet) another culture. But in order to enjoy your stay, you too should make an effort to integrate.

Learn the Language

Sign up for classes or find someone who can practice with you. This helps you both communicate with the locals and gives you’re a sense of achievement. And who knows, maybe you will make friends with others in your class.

Make Single Friends

Sounds obvious right? But it could be more of a challenge if everyone in your office is married or in a serious relationship. It can make you feel more lonely. Find a single friend with similar interests.

Find a Common Interest Group or Try Something New

Finding friends will become easier if you are open to opportunities to meet new people. Join a sports team, take up a painting class – whatever you find interesting. This way you will be trying something new and be meeting people at the same time. There are also quite a few bars and clubs where you can meet both expats and locals.


For us women, dating in Nepal is not so difficult. Whether you meet online or at a gathering, Nepali men are certainly open to dating foreign women. The usual guidance applies – beware of those looking for more than a relationship! And, if it does get serious – be aware of what you will be taking on (Nepali family commitments!). For men, it is not so simple and they need to be particularly aware of not crossing any cultural boundaries.

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Article by Jackie

Jackie has lived and traveled in Asia for 27 years, more than 20 of these in Nepal. She is currently the owner of a small vocational training company. She is also involved in the tourism and development sectors. When not working she can be found at live music gigs, at the theatre, or art events.

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  • Brian

    February 22, 2019 at 3:41 am

    Hi Jackie, thanks for writing this article. I arrived from Canada about 30 days ago, finished yoga teacher training and I’m staying at least until the end of April.

    I’m being guided around by my Nepali friend I met in Canada.

    As it’s my first time across the ocean, I’m interested to learn more from experienced travellers here in the East like yourself. I’d love to connect sometime to learn more about who you are and what you do.

    Thanks, Brian


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