Best Time to Go for Langtang Trek

If you are planning to go for a week of relaxing trek close to Kathmandu, you should go for Langtang trek. The Langtang region has different weather conditions in the varying seasons of Autumn, Spring, Monsoon, and Winter. But, the best time for this trek is the Autumn and Spring season.

These seasons have stable weather conditions with the bearable temperatures. During these seasons you will have an easy time walking in the warm sunny days on the drier trails. As obvious of the mountains, the nights and morning can become colder yet, remain bearable.

The lush forests of oaks and rhododendrons along with the diverse vegetation come into life during these seasons. Plus, the crisp views of the chain of Himalayas under the blue sky is the alluring scene the trek in these seasons offer.

Langtang valley experiences four different seasons- Spring, Autumn, Summer, and Winter. With these seasons nature, temperature and the climatic conditions also change.

Based on the bearable temperatures, climatic conditions, and the side views the trek offers, spring and autumn months are the best time for this trek. However, the off-season may bring along some difficulties during the trek. But with your physical and mental preparedness with appropriate trekking gears, this trek is doable throughout the year.

Each season has different views and experiences to offer. Here are the details you need to know before you plan your Langtang trek.

Yak Langtang Valley

Autumn Langtang Trek

Langtang valley in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to trek in Langtang. From September to mid-December, the weather is warm and remains stable. If you trek in this season, you get to walk underneath the stunning blue skies, breathe fresh air and see clear mountain views.

You may feel cold in the morning and the nights but during the day the temperature ranges from 10°C-15°C (50°F-59°F). In such bearable temperatures and the stable weather, you will collect the fondest trekking memories.

Also, the precipitation is low during this time so you will be able to get the sharpest views of beautiful valleys and the Himalayas. In these seasons you will least notice the dense fog covering the mountains.

Since this is the peak season of trekking you will meet many fellow trekkers on the trail. You do not have to walk alone to reach your final destination.

Spring Langtang Trek

March-May is the second best season to go trekking in Langtang region. You will love the long and warm days during this season. The daytime temperature in the Langtang region falls in the range of 10°C-20°C (50°F-68°F). In the moderate temperatures, you will have easy trekking to the Langtang valley.

The trail becomes exceptionally beautiful in this season. The forest becomes lush along with rhododendron blossoms. You will also get to see many wildflowers along the way. At higher altitudes, the trek becomes less exhausting because of the warm sun and the soft mountain breezes.

You will witness the new twigs, flowers, and the leaves coming to life in this season. This rejuvenating walk through the lively forests to catch the clearest mountain views without any worries of rain or snow is what the Spring trek to Langtang offers.

Summer/Monsoon Langtang Trek

Langtang region experiences the hot summer months in June, July, and August. Along with the heat, the monsoon also starts in Summer season. The daytime temperature may remain 30°C (86°F) on sunny days in the lower regions. But as you ascend higher, the temperature starts dropping around 10.2°C (50.36°F) in July.

The rainfall may make the trails slippery with leeches, bugs, and earthworms. But on the lighter side, you will get to enjoy the rainwashed surrounding with green everywhere. Summer in the Langtang region is such a blissful time for the nature lovers.

Sometimes the dense fog may obstruct the vision. But, after the rainfall, the season offers the clearest views of the mountainscape and the surrounding landscapes. Also, since this is the planting season in parts of the Langtang region, you will have an amazing time looking at the terraced farms and the working locals in their typical ways.

Winter Langtang Trek

December to February is the winter season in Langtang region. This is the time of snow and cold in the region with the daytime temperature ranging from 6°C-9°C (42.8°F-48.2°F). But the nights are much colder with the temperatures dropping to minus degrees.

In winter you get to explore the snow-blanketed Langtang valley under the deep blue skies. But, as this is a mountain region you may notice periods of snowfalls, harsh winds and uncomfortable weather conditions.

Since this is less preferred season for trekking in this region you will find the trail less crowded with few trekkers. So, the Langtang trek in winter is the better option for those who want to explore the nature and click pictures in solitude.

Share us about your preferences regarding the trek. We will plan the best itinerary for Langtang Trek. Also, if you let us know about your convenient time for the trek, we will pre-book the room for you.


What is Langtang valley like in the Winter?

In winter, the temperature during daytime is in the range of 6°C-9°C (42.8°F-48.2°F) and at night it falls below 0 °C (32°F). There may be episodes of snow falls, wild winds, and extreme temperatures. However, the skies are clear blue and you can see the spectacular view of snow-capped peaks. And the valley wearing the blankets of dense snow is amazing to look at.

Can I do Langtang Trek in Winter?

If you can bear the cold and the snowy trails in the Langtang region then the trek is for you. Despite the cold, the season has many things on offer. You will find the peaceful trails with the views of the hibernating world. With proper winter gears along with physical and mental preparedness, you can opt for this trek in winter.

Do I need microspikes or crampons for Winter trek?

Yes, microspikes are a good idea for the winter trek. Since there will be a thick layer of snow on the trail, you will need to walk in shoes with a strong grip. It helps especially when you trek down the hills.

Will tea houses be open during the winter and monsoon seasons?

Yes, teahouses will be open in winter and monsoon seasons. Let us know if you want to trek in these off-seasons. We will help you book them for both these seasons.

Will there be indoor heating during winter?

Yes, there is heating in the dining room during winter where you can eat and hang out. Teahouses do not provide room heating. So, it is better to carry your own sleeping bags that are suitable for -20°C (-4 °F) for the nights.

What is the difference in Spring and Summer Langtang trek?

Spring is the time with the drier surroundings and the weather conditions in the trek route remain quite stable. Although the mountain weather often goes unpredictable, it is quite stable in the spring season. But in the summer, there are frequent weather changes. The monsoon rain may hit you anytime on the trail.

Plus, Spring trek offers you the colorful hues of red, blue, yellow, pink, and white flowers.  Whereas, summer offers the green surrounding everywhere on the trial.

Will there be leeches on the trail during a Summer/Monsoon trek?

Yes, due to the heavy downpours and the humid surrounding, you may encounter many leeches, earthworms, and bugs on the trails in the Langtang region. So, if you are planning the monsoon trek it is a good idea to carry insect repellents. Carry some salt as well to get rid of leeches on your skin.

Have you decided when will it be the best time to go for Langtang trek for you? We have made our recommendations and it is for you to pick. Please feel free to contact Magical Nepal for any queries or to help you plan your visit to Nepal.

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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