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Trekking in Kanchenjunga is one of the longest and remote trek in the eastern Nepal. Kanchenjunga circuit trek is widely known as snow leopard trek. Our Kanchenjunga travel guides help you to know about the route, possible itineraries and all practical information to polish up your Kanchenjunga trek experience.

We have also included online trekking map, packing list, things you should know about this demanding trekking, and obstacles among the trek route along with the trip report and latest possible updates. Also, check the available food menu, the altitude of places as you go and any information you need.

Permits and the Costs for the trek

To trek into the restricted area of the Kanchenjunga you need to obtain special permits but it is not available for the solo trekkers. You will be trekking in this remote area for 22 days. So, you should know about the total cost of this trek along with the availability of the food and accommodations on the trekking trails.

Things you Should Know Before Trekking?

Kanchenjunga is a novel trek route which starts from Taplejung after a flight from Kathmandu. This is a sterenous trek so you must use the reliable trek map and check about the best time for this trek. It helps you with the appropriate packing for the trek’s success. If you get the information on food and accommodation on the trek route then you will enjoy the trek.

Safety and Health

On Kanchenjunga trek, you will experience variations in altitude on reaching to the highest altitude at 4785 meters at Northern Base Camp. With the altitude the chances of altitude sickness also increases. To escape this risk you should maintain hydration . At some places you may need to use water from local sources, so it is wise to pack purification tablets for safety.

Altitude Sickness: What it is and how to avoid it
Information of Altitude variation
Information about water and ways to purify it in Kanchenjunga trek
Telephone Network and Internet coverage in Kanchenjunga trek

More Insight of Kanchenjunga trek

Many people know about the Kanchenjunga because of its off-the-beaten-pathways in the least explored area. But many are confused where to start from, the North or South Base Camp. You can do it anyway you like. But, we suggest you to walk from North to South as it is quite easier.

When is the Best Time to Trek Kanchenjunga Trek?

Autumn and Spring with the favorable weather and temperature are the best time to trek to Kanchenjunga Base Camp. The trek is doable all year round but the rain in summer or snow in the winter may add to the difficulty of the trek. For such obstacles, you must prepare properly and pack appropriately.

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