Telephone Network and Internet Coverage in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the teahouse trekking trail that has many warm and cozy lodges for a comfortable stay and food.

Along with a room to rest, you will find telephone services in almost all teahouses in most of the places during the trek. Also, you can use your cell phones as well because, in most places, you will find a network for the local NTC sim card.

Wherever you start from, your first destination in Nepal will be Kathmandu. The only international airport in Nepal is in Kathmandu. So, you have to spend your first night in Nepal in Kathmandu.

You can buy Nepali SIM Cards in Kathmandu. To get your SIM Cards, all you need is two passport-sized photographs and a copy of your passport. You will then need to fill out a form and pay $1-$2 to get your SIM.

These SIM Cards work properly in places where the network is strong. But, as you trek to the higher altitudes of the Manaslu region, there are areas where the phone network is weaker. So, you may not be able to use Nepali SIM cards everywhere while on the Manaslu Circuit trek.

In places where your sim card does not work, you can use the telephone service that the tea houses provide. Also, you can use the WiFi service for $2-$3 in some teahouses if your sim’s data package does not work.

Here are the details about the telephone network and Internet coverage at each stop of your Manaslu Circuit trek.


At Kathmandu, you will find many options for telephone and Internet services.

Many hotels in Kathmandu also offer long-distance telephone services and have Wifi services. They usually charge for the calls but give Wifi for free.

Soti Khola

From Kathmandu, you will drive to Soti Khola to spend another evening there. NTC has a strong signal in this area. Vsat phones also are available at teahouses in Soti Khola.

All the guest houses in Soti Khola offer Wi-Fi services. But you may have to pay extra for the Wifi services. For the Internet, you can also use data packages offered by NTC on your phone as well.

Maccha Khola

From Soti Khola, your first day’s trek will be to Maccha Khola. At Maccha Khola, you may find a phone signal for NTC SIM cards. But, Ncell may have a low reception in the area. You can also use the satellite phones available in the teahouses.

At the teahouses in Maccha Khola, you may not get Wifi services. But, you can use NTC’s data packages for the Internet.


Like Maccha Khola, at Jagat, you will get network access for NTC SIM Cards. Or, you can use a Vsat phone at teahouses if your phone network does not work.

At Jagat, you will get access to the Wifi services in the rest stops but, with an extra charge.


There are three guest houses in Deng. However, none of these guesthouses has satellite phones and the phone network is unreachable in the region. However, the teahouses here offer Wifi services for extra charges.


Your next destination after Deng will be Namrung. At Namrung, you can find a good network reception for NTC. Although the teahouses do not have satellite phones, they provide you with Wifi services.


At Lho, you may not find any reception for Ncell. But, the NTC SIM card works in this area. You can use your own phone here for telephone purposes if you are using NTC. Satellite phones are also available in this area.

There are four guest houses in this area, all of which provide Wifi services.

Sama Gaun

At 3530 meters, Sama Gaun you will find six guesthouses. These guesthouses have Vsat phone services. Your NTC sim card may work here but not everywhere because of the limited signals.

But, you will have easy access to Wifi in the village using the internet.


At Samdo, you will not find telephone services in the tea houses. Nor, does your NTC/Ncell sim card work here.

However, you will get to enjoy Wifi services after paying extra charges for three teahouses houses in this region.


At this place, you will be completely cut off from telephone and internet services. The two tea houses available in the place neither have satellite phones nor access to Wifi.


From Dharamsala, your trek to Bimthang may take you 10 hours. Upon reaching Bimthang, you will find Vsat phone services in the area for your telephone needs. But, like Dharmasala, this area also has no network for NTC and NCell.

However, at Bimthang, some of the five guesthouses will have Wifi services.


Your final stop before Kathmandu will be Dharapani. At Dharapani, you can make calls using NTC SIM cards. However, your Ncell sim may not work everywhere in the village. In addition to the mobile phone networks, you also find satellite phones in this area.

At Dharapani, you will find many teahouses most of them provide Wifi services.

Last Words

In the lower altitudes of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the networks of NTC and NCell are frequent. Also, you can use the sky phones and Wifi services available in almost all teahouses on the trails at lower altitudes.

But, as you trek to the higher regions there is a limitation in the popular phone networks and Internet services. Whenever your phone network does not work, you have to rely on satellite phones and wifi available on the trekking trails.

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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