Ghunsa To Cheram In One Day Avoiding Staying In Sele Le Base Camp

I recently did the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek from north to south. From Ghunsa to Cheram I took two days. You can check detail of my kanchenjunga circuit north to south trip report.

Accommodation in Sele Le is very basic. It is a tiny hut on the top of the hill which means it is mostly covered in cloud or fog. The walls are made of stone, not wood. Which means it is cold inside! Also food is expensive in comparison to Lhonak. Here you can find more information about Kanchenjunga circuit trek food and available accommodation.

It takes local people around 3.5 hours to walk from Ghunsa to Sele Le. I wanted to compare this with Lhonak, which take six hour and the elevation is significantly higher.

Dal Bhat will cost you Rs 750 in Lhonak and Rs 700 in Sele Le. Also the accommodation price is the same in both places, but in reality you can’t compare these two places.

If you can apply a little effort you can make it from Ghunsa to Cheram in one day via Sele Le, which makes things easier. From Ghunsa you can start at 5:00 am. It will take you between four to five hours to reach Sele Le Base Camp. Order lunch in Sele Le best to all order the same food as this will help to reduce the time you spend over lunch. After lunch, you can start around eleven from Sele Le. It will then take you another six to seven hours from Sele Le to Cheram.

Ghunsa to Cheram Time Break Down

1. Ghunsa to Sele Le Base Camp Break Down

  • Ghunsa to the first top: Two hours and ten minutes uphill
  • First top to Sele Le Base: One hour flat
  • Sele Le Base to Sele Le Top: Fifteen minutes uphill
  • Sele Le first hilltop to Sele Le Pass Camp: One hour flat

2. Sele Le Pass Camp to Miring La Pass Break Down

  • Sele Le Pass Camp to Miring La Base: One hour and ten minutes flat
  • Miring La Base to Miring La Pass: Fifty minutes uphill

3. Miring La Pass to Sinion La Pass Break Down

  • Miring La Pass to Sinion La Pass: One hour and fifty minutes flat and a little bit uphill

4. Sinion La Pass to Cheram (Tseram) Break Down

  • Sinion La Pass to Unknown Pass One: One hour flat
  • Unknown Pass One to Unknown Pass Two: Twenty minutes flat
  • Unknown Pass Two to First pond: Thirty minutes steep downhill
  • First Pond to Second Pond: Ten minutes flat
  • Second Pond to Cheram: One hour and ten minutes steep downhill

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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