With this Upper Mustang travel guide, we are providing free information on what to expect when trekking through Upper Mustang, also known as the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo.

Unlike some of the other trekking areas in Nepal, it is not possible to trek in Upper Mustang without a guide. In fact, it is not possible to trek there without going with a Nepal registered trekking company. Please do not make the mistake of trying to go there yourself as you will be turned back at the entry point as this area is well regulated for the trekkers’ safety and the preservation of unique culture and landscapes.

All the necessary paperwork will be taken care of by your trekking company – see here for information on permits. The company will also ensure your guide and porters are familiar with the area and have the necessary experience in this high altitude, dry environment. From your side – please ensure your insurance is up to date and covers trekking at high altitude.

In this guide, you will find information of what to expect when trekking in Upper Mustang, including what you will see, experience, and witness. Also within this guide is a list of what to pack, what to expect in the way of food and accommodation, some history of the area and its people, and an indication of weather and land conditions.

We hope you find this guide useful and welcome you to the Forbidden Kingdom!

Permits and Cost of the trek

The biggest cost of Upper Mustang trek is Permit. It cost $500 for the 10 days permit. There are other costs involved like guides, flights, porter and other transport for the trek. Know the permit and cost for Upper Mustang Trek.

How and When to get There

Upper Mustang is known as the forbidden kingdom. The only option to go there was by walking. Now, there is a road linked from Pokhara to Lo Manthang which gives you several options to get there. A classic way is trekking. Apart from that you can go Upper Mustang on a Motorbike, mountain bike, 4WD vehicles and enjoy the offroad adventure.

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