28 Things To Do During Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek might be a once in your lifetime opportunity unless you are professional guides or mountaineers. Thousands of trekkers around the world trek to Everest each year. Few climbers make it to the summit. Nepalese called it, “Mountain, so high that the bird can’t fly above it”. It is one of the most popular treks in Nepal

It definitely needs lots of effort and planning and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to regret the things you missed at the end of your trek. I recently trekked all the way to the base camp of Mount Everest via Lukla. On the basis of my experience and the things I had done, here are the lists of crazy things to do during your Everest Base Camp Trek. I’m sure you will enjoy the shortlisted things to do during your once in a lifetime trip.

1. Pray for Kathmandu to Lukla flight on time | Stickers “Fly-On Time” doesn’t work

Kathmandu to Lukla or vice versa flight is not stable. Once you enter the terminal of the domestic airport you will find the slogan of Yeti Airlines “Fly in Time”. However, they can’t assure you that you will fly on time. So, just pray that your flight will take place as per your printed flight schedule.

2. Snap aerial (bird’s eye) view of Lukla Airport

After you land in Lukla you are supposed to walk through the southeast trail and further head towards the north. After taking this sharp left turn towards the north, you will spot a thrilling view of the Tenzing Hillary Airport. Take your camera out and take a birds-eye photo of Lukla Airport. It is one of the most dangerous airstrips in the world and now you will understand why!

3. Buy a blessing scarf (Khada) and tie it on the suspension bridge you pass by

Buy a blessing scarf (Khada) and tie it on the suspension bridge you pass by

On your trail from Phakding to Namche,f you are supposed to cross five long suspension bridges over the same river. You will be crossing similar suspension and trust bridges not only in the same river but also in several other parts of the trail. You will find many scarves tied on both rails of the bridge. Sherpa people believed it as a sign of good luck. Buy some scarves in Kathmandu or Lukla and tie it on suspension bridges along the way.

4. Hike to Everest View Hotel | Order your cup of tea and enjoy the view of Everest right in front of your table

Hike Everest View Hotel

More than ninety per cent of trekkers stay two days in Namche on their way up to Base Camp. This is mainly because of acclimatization in higher altitude. On your second day, you can start to hike pretty early after breakfast towards the northeast of Namche to Everest View Hotel. Trust me; it will take you at least one hour to reach the hotel. It is the world’s highest located ‘five-star hotel’. You can simply order a cup of tea and enjoy the ambience of this cosy hotel. Everest is clearly visible from the dining area.

5. Enjoy the daily morning and evening praying ceremony in Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche Monastery

On your way up to base camp, you will be staying one night in Tengboche. This is the holiest place in the entire Khumbu Valley for Sherpa. The place is named after the famous Tengboche Monastery, where morning and evening prayers are carried out daily. In my opinion you shouldn’t miss this prayer ceremony on Tengboche. If you managed to stay for the whole two hours inside praying hall in monastery you will get a different vibe of peace and harmony.

6. Buy rolls of prayers flag and place it on top of the pass you pass by

Onward from Tengboche, you will pass via several passes like Pheriche Pass, Thukla Pass, Lobuche Pass and others. Though, they are not like Chola Pass, Renjo La Pass or Khongma La Pass you can still offer a prayer flag. There are memorial statues built in the memory of late climbers. You can buy small size prayer flags and tie them on stones to show your solicitude towards the climbers.

7. Take a picture with signboard “Way to Everest Base Camp”

way to everest base camp trek Sign

If you have ever Google “Everest Base Camp Trek”, I bet you have stopped by image with signboard written “Way to Everest Base Camp”. It is yellow in background with a shallow depth of focus of Everest Himalayas. It is on Gorakshep. Find it and take a picture with it.

8. Take a selfie on top of Kalapatthar | If you don’t have a selfie stick at least ask others for next to nothing

Selfie at kalapathar

Kalapatthar is the vantage hiking spot throughout Everest Base Camp Trek. It is about two and half hour walk from Gorakshep. You can witness the existence of Mount Everest in front of you. Mount Pumori is right on the northern ridge of Kalapatthar. There is a steep ridge on the west of Kalapatthar. Take a selfie on the top of Kalapatthar. You can buy a selfie stick at around three thousand rupees in Kathmandu. If you don’t have one, borrow with fellow hikers. I bet you will definitely get one.

9. Through GoPro in the air at Everest Base Camp with active video shooting mode

If you are on adventure holiday, GoPro is the right camera for your adventure. This is a versatile action camera with additional features of waterproof and shockproof. Turn video mode on and throw it up in the air at Everest Base Camp. Check video later you will enjoy the 360 aerial views of Khumbu Icefall and Camping Tents for the commercial Everest Expedition.

10. Enjoy a party in thin air in Namche | Café Danphe Bar

Café Danphe Bar Everest
Everest Bar Cafe


You made it and now it’s time to enjoy. There are several pubs in Namche but the best one is Café Danphe Bar. There will be pool table waiting for you with varieties of liquor on the bar. Order your drink and enjoy the music above 3440 m.

11. Explore Sherpa Museum | Sagarmatha National Park Headquarter

Explore Sherpa Museum | Sagarmatha National Park Headquarter

The east of Namche is bordered by Mount Thamserku. There is the Sagarmatha National Park Museum. Manage your time and hike to Sherpa Museum. In clear weather, the view of Everest is unmatched with a huge Lhotse in front of it. There is a newly build statue of Babu Chiri Sherpa, take a picture with it.

12. Rotate all prayer wheels along the way | Pass via the right side of Mani Wall

Children rotating prayer wheels along the way

Being a Buddhist region, Khumbu hosts hundreds of prayer wheels. Some are big whereas, some are small. Turn those entire prayer wheels along the way and you will find peace in your mind. It is believed that prayers carved on those prayer wheels are supposed to spread spiritual power. Also, you will find several Mani Walls. Make sure you pass through it from the right-hand side.

13. Watch the documentary at 3:00 o’clock in Namche | Café 8848 or Café Danphe Bar

Café 8848 or Café Danphe Bar

Every day in Namche, at local time 3:00 o’clock, the entire bar hosts movie show. Mostly, it is a documentary about Sherpa and Mountaineering. The big movie screen can be enjoyed with some drinks and popcorn. Look for a bar showing “Into Thin Air” and you can enjoy the most sold mountaineer’s blogs in visual. Better reserve your arrangement in advance at the “Café Danphe Bar “, where you can enjoy a free pool table and popcorn.

14. Try Hot Belgium Wafers in Namche Bazar

Hot Belgium Wafers in Namche Bazar

There is a newly opened wafers shop in Namche Bazaar. You can ask anyone about the location of SPCC (Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee) office. The shop of Hot Belgium Wafer is located just in front SPCC office. The owner is a pretty friendly guy name, Phurba Lama. Enjoy Hot Belgium Wafer and Cup of Coffee.

15. Buy accomplishment certificate at checkpoint below Namche

On your way down you are supposed to make exit-entry at the checkpoint of Namche. The guard at check post will ask whether you would like to take the certificate with you or not. It will cost you approximately USD 3.5 (NRs. 350). Your name, country and journey date will be mentioned on accomplishment certificate. Apart from that, the places you have visited will be tick marked on the certificate.

16. Build stone piles whenever you can

On your way to base camp, you will find several stones piled. It might be strange for you to understand why people do this. There are many reasons for it. The first is to show respect for God and another is people’s belief in reincarnation. So, people believe it as building their house for the next life. Additionally, in the high alpine passes, it is pretty easy for identifying trail on worse weather and visibility.

17. Check your oxygen level at Namche or Pheriche or Dingboche

Measuring oxygen level

Level of oxygen on your blood plays a vital role in safe trekking. There is the HRA office in Pheriche. Every afternoon at 3:00 o’clock they start altitude talk. You can check your oxygen level on blood. If it’s too low with respect to elevation, stay few more days for acclimatization.

18. Visit visitor centre at Monjo | entrance of Sagarmatha National Park

There is a small office at the entrance of National Park in Monjo. There is a small visitor room inside the building. Aerial sample of the entire Khumbu Valley is demonstrated on the 3D model. Apart from that, there are several pictures on a wall through which you can build some ideas regarding Khumbu and Sherpa People.

19. Write your name on the stones at Everest Base Camp

Mieka and marlon name on the stone at Everest Base Camp Trek

The Khumbu Icefall and Glacier generate millions of stones. Write your name on the stones and take a picture of it. I can’t guarantee you that it will last forever because every year glacier moves ahead with great changes.

20. Let’s keep Khumbu Clean

There are several dumping sites as shown in the above picture. Please help to keep Khumbu clean. If you throw wastes in a particular section of the dumping site, it will be easier for the committee to manage waste.

21. Take a picture of your puppet with Everest on background

If you have your puppet, then take it along with you on Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar. Take a picture of it with Everest on the background.

22. Follow the old bridge route below Namche on your way to Lukla

There are two different bridges located on your way up to Namche. I don’t recommend you on following the old trail on your way up. It is because; you have to go more up and down if you follow the old trail. So on your way down, follow the old bridge and take a picture of the newly-built bridge.

23. Find this tree and take a picture with it | It lies above Tengboche

I took this picture somewhere on the trail to Everest Base Camp from Lukla. It is located exactly on the main trekking trail. Try to find it during your trip. Hmmm if you are on Everest View Trek you won’t reach this place. So basically, it is above Tengboche.

24. Try to get your seat on the left row on your flight to Lukla and right on your flight back to Kathmandu

The Himalayas are on the northern border of Nepal. So when you fly from Kathmandu to Lukla you need to stay on left row. Similarly, on your way back to Kathmandu, try to sit on the right row. During clear weather, you will enjoy the view of Himalayan ranges.

25. Donate to Pasang Sherpa for road construction

Somewhere in between Namche and Kyanjuma, you will spot an old man with a donation box and some signboards. Read the information on your own language or English and please do donate at least a dollar that is nothing for you. Despite the government’s failure on constructing good hiking road in Khumbu region, Pasang Sherpa locally maintained the trail in Khumbu.

26. Try unauthorized Starbucks Coffee at Lukla

There isn’t any chain of Starbucks in Nepal. But in Lukla, just next to The Irish Pub you will be greeted by big signboard stating ‘Starbucks Coffee Lukla’. Go give a try to unauthorized Starbucks coffee at Lukla instead of regular cappuccino or espresso.

27. Remember STD doesn’t stand for Sexually Transmitted Disease | Instead, it’s a phone booth with some telephonic abbreviation

In most of the phone booths, you will find the board with sign-on Internet Explorer and S.T.D & I.S.D. I found most of the people being amused with STD but this stood for something different in Nepali Dictionary. Here STD stands for Standard Telephone Directory. You can see such boards on Bakery and Cyber with phone lines.

28. Arrange the above things to do in order

It took me almost 13 days to figure out the above things to do. I had done 13 Days Lukla Everest Base Camp Trek. Things are not in serial orders. Look at the Everest Base Camp Trek Map and try to sort the above list in particular series.

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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