pokhara travel guide

If you plan to visit Nepal your tour’s starting point in Kathmandu as every International flight lands at Kathmandu. From there you take domestic flights to visit your preferred destination. If you plan to visit Pokhara first take a domestic flight from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. It takes 25 minutes to reach Pokhara on the flight.

Once you reach Pokhara, there are enough of hotels and lodges ranging from cheaper lodges to the five-star hotels. While at Pokhara, you will get enough activities to perform in the city area. And plan to go on hikes, treks from the place then there is well-developed infrastructures for your ease. Strolling around Pokhara is much fun and easy at the same time. As it is one of the biggest tourist hubs in Nepal. Our Pokhara Travel guide helps you to have detail information about the valley and the places around. Also, we provide you the information about different treks in Annapurna region of which the starting point is Pokhara

Best of Pokhara

Pokhara is the gateway to Annapurna Region. There are dozen of the trek that starts from Pokhara. It is also the city of adventure. You can do paragliding, Ultra flight and tons of other activities.

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