Changing with the Times

Based on our own experiences, we decided that it was time that travel providers changed, time in fact to create something new. Truthfully, at one point we were thinking to be one of the more than 630,000 youths who leave the country every year to work overseas. The other side of the coin was to stay here and be one of the 10% of youths actually making a difference and supporting the country from the inside.

Being tired of the old way things were done, we wanted to give other travellers the opportunity to see the world as we see it. We wanted to smooth out the bumps that we came across ourselves while exploring these areas and help others have an even better experience.

While running a trekking agency was a totally new field for Saugat, Pradeep was co-partner in another trekking agency for three years prior to forming Magical Nepal. So, it was a perfect fit actually!

However, we took the plunge, and started Magical Nepal with a lot of enthusiasm, (a lot of balls you might say!), Rs 1,000 and a cup of tea!

Sustainable Growth

One year on, we are growing fast – much more quickly than we anticipated. So we are having to improve ourselves and grow with the company. Our main intention still stays the same: to provide you with the best self-collected information, rather than drag you into a fixed-price package deal. In this way, you can sit down with us, and create your own journey to fit your personality, interests, fitness level, and budget. In this way, you will have the chance to fully enjoy your time in Nepal and feel you had the chance to explore it yourself.

A big item on our list when establishing Magical Nepal was to operate all treks locally, to include the community and environment in the benefits your money brings to the country. Our Team is growing day by day, as is our involvement with local communities we trek through. We hope we energize the local communities as much as well feel energized by them. We want everyone to experience the magical world of Nepal the way we do.

The Way we work

Today, in the spring of  2021, Magical Nepal is a family of 20 people who all have the intention to create the best experience we can for you, the client.  We listen, think and generate new ideas with every trek. We believe in an exchange of ideas between our Team and our clients.  Additionally, our Team hierarchy is wide open – we are all equal in Magical Nepal. Our office times are also flexible; which is not to say we are lax in organising your trip!  Our Team knows when to give 100% and know when they can relax it a bit in order to create her/ his own liveable working environment.

Personal contact is one of our highest priorities.  We are sure to answer every email you send and take your requests and needs seriously.

Our Team

pradeep Pradeep Guragain Co-founder
Deepak Thapa Maga Deepak Thapa Magar Trekking Guide
prakash bhandari prakash Bhandari Trekking Guide
DIl Man Tamang Dil Man Tamang Trekking Guide
Narayan-Waiba Narayan Waiba Trekking Guide
Kedar Paudel Kedar Paudel Trekking Guide
saugat Saugat Adhikari Co-Founder
padam Padam Sundar Shankhadev Full-Stack Developer
Mitra Waiba Mitra Waiba Trekking Guide
KP Bhatta KP Bhatta Trekking Guide
Hari Dhakal Hari Dhakal Trekking Guide
Machindra Machindra Dhamala Permit and Feild Incharge