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This section contains all free and independent information you will need for Manaslu circuit trekking. Know more about the packing list, map, permit, food, accommodation, a side trip, after earthquake updates, people, transport, itinerary and best trekking times.

Manaslu is a great teahouse trek and a good alternative to theĀ Annapurna circuit. Magical Nepal believes that this Manaslu trek guide page will help you know whether or not the Manaslu circuit is the correct trek for you.

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How Manaslu trek looks like – Video

Permits and the Costs for the trek

For your Manaslu Trek, you need to spend your money on the permits, food and accommodations, transportation, and so on. If you want to do the side trip to Tsum Valley with Manaslu Circuit, you need to obtain additional permits. Know about the permits here

Things you Should Know Before Manaslu Trekking?

If you are planning to go on Manaslu Trek, then you must look for the reliable Map of the trek and know about the ways to reach there. To make the trek easy-going, know about the packing lists for this trek along with the availability of food and accommodations on the trekking trail.

More Insight of Manaslu Circuit Trek?

This novel trek route has many yet-to know facts and the exotic trails offer a number of unique experiences. Solo trekking is not possible in this trek, you must be accompanied by an experienced guide. Read here the reviews of 10 trekkers to know more about this trek.

Safety and Health

Manaslu Circuit Trek starts from 700 meters and reaches high at 5167 meters so, you may face the symptoms of Altitude Sickness. Find here the ways to avoid the sickness and know more about the ways to make the water available en route drinkable. Find more about Telephone Network and Internet coverage in the trek.

When is the Best Time to Trek Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Know about the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek and choose the best time that fits your preference. The trek is doable all year round but in the peak seasons, you will have much easy trekking in the stable and favorable weather conditions.

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