Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour - 1 Day

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Highlights

  • You will enjoy the blissful Helicopter flight directly from Kathmandu to the base of the world’s highest peak.
  • You can have a privilege of landing at Kala Patthar, 5545 meters in a matter of an hour.
  • You get to fly over the major places of the Everest Base Camp trek and catch the eagle eye’s view of the region within 4 hours.
  • You will reach the Everest Base Camp, without a drop of sweat or lethargy, with a comfortable helicopter flight.
  • You will dine in the Everest View Hotel, one of the finest high altitude hotel in the world.

Everest Helicopter tour is the easiest way to see Everest in a day.

Nepal has 8 of the 10 world’s highest peak in the world. The Himalayan region of Nepal holds 1,310 peaks that are over 6000 meters. Various gorges, glaciers, waterfalls, lakes, flora, fauna and exotic animals add in the beauty of the Himalayan region of Nepal.

However, the roads there are not that easy. Some have named the roads there as “Scary roads” or even, “Deadliest roads” in the world. Along with the difficult routes, the altitude also makes the travel toilsome. If you are not strong physically or mentally, then long-distance high altitude walk might not be a good idea for you.

So, is there no alternative?

Of course, there is! There is a helicopter tour to the Everest! The Everest Base Camp Trek takes 12 days to complete, but with a helicopter, you can do it in a matter of just 4 hours!

Whether you are young or old, this ride is safe enough for you. You will be in good hands of the trained and experienced staffs. We understand that compared to Mount Everest Flight, the Helicopter Tour is expensive. Not anymore! Catering to your needs, we also have a group joining the program. Thanks to that, the Everest helicopter tour is now affordable.

Private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

With the powerful B3e series helicopter, we can take up to 5 of you to Everest Base Camp, depending on your weight. We need to maintain the weight inside the helicopter. Your weight determines how many people we need to keep inside for that shuttle. So, we request you to provide us with your weight.

Everest Helicopter tour with Landing

You will land on a helicopter at the highest point of the Everest Base Camp trek, Kala Patthar (5545m). It is the best and closest point for you to view Mt. Everest. After landing, you will get 10 minutes there to take pictures or videos.

Only 10 minutes?

Yes, let us tell you why. When the people challenge the trek, it takes days to reach to the higher altitude. They slowly adapt to the higher altitude. Some people even fail to adjust and have to descend due to altitude sickness.

But in your case, you ascend to high altitude in just minutes! So, your body will not be accustomed to the altitude. That is why we give you 10 minutes during landing at Kala Patthar. If you stay any further, it increases the risk of altitude sickness.

Plus, 10 minutes is enough time for you to click your photos; both in your memories and in your device. After that spectacular view, you might be feeling hungry. You will get to replenish your energy with delicious food. You can have a choice to land between the two for breakfast: Kongde View Resort or Hotel Everest View.

You will get 30 minutes to devour your champagne breakfast.

Special add-on on private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

1. Hire a professional photographer

It is a huge achievement to be nearest to the highest peak in the world. You might want to capture the once in a lifetime memory. With the special add-on facility, you can hire a professional photographer to take photos of you. You will have amazing photos for your beautiful memory.

2. Hire a guide

Another special add-on facility provides you with the opportunity to hire a guide. The guide can explain as you pass through the different mountains, glaciers, and landmark.

Group Joining Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

Are you travelling solo? Do you not have money for a chartered helicopter tour from Kathmandu to Everest? Do you want to share the cost with other passengers of the helicopter?

If yes, then this one is just for you!

We will find other people who can join you in the journey and share the cost. It otherwise could have been a big burden for your pocket. We will also find a mutual interest of all the passengers to select the breakfast place. And don’t you worry! Everything else would just be like a private Mt. Everest Helicopter Tour.

Helicopter Tour to Everest Base Camp Route Map

Everest helicopter tour Itinerary

What you see above is the outline map of this Everest Base Camp helicopter tour.

Please note that the map is not on a scale.

The air traffic and weather are the two main factors that determine the flying route. So, the actual flying route from Kathmandu to Lukla may vary due to air traffic and/or weather. Meantime, you can browse this more detailed trek map of trekking in Everest region.

Note: The time may vary depending on weather condition and the availability of the helicopter

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5:30 - 6:00Drive from Hotel to Airport
6:00 - 6:30Boarding
6:30 - 7:15Kathmandu to Lukla Flight
7:15 - 7:30Refueling
7:30 - 7:50Lukla to Kala Patthar
7:50 - 8:00Landing in Kalapatthar
8:00 - 8:15Kalapatthar to Everest View Hotel or Kongde Resort
8:15 - 9:00Breakfast
9:00 - 9:50Everest View Hotel or Kongde Resort to Kathmandu
9:50 - 11:00Drive from Airport to Hotel

The cost includes

  • Hotel Airport Hotel Private Car Transfer
  • Helicopter Kathmandu Lukla Kalapatthar Hotel Everest View Kathmandu

The cost excludes

  • Airport tax (NPR 200 each)
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit (NPR 3000)
  • Breakfast at Everest View Hotel (USD 20-25)
Do I actually land at Everest Base Camp?

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No, you don’t land at Everest Base Camp. You will land in the highest point of the Everest Base Camp, Kala Patthar.

Can I land at both Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar?

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No, you can only land at Kala Patthar.

Which one is best, EBC or Kala Patthar?

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Kala Patthar is the highest point for the Everest Trek. You can see Everest from near. It is better than the Everest Base Camp.

Which one is better: Kongde Resort or Everest View Hotel?

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Both are awesome. There are many branches of Kongde Resort in different trekking areas. There will be fewer people than in Hotel Everest View.

How long is total duration of the tour?

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Only the helicopter ride would be around 3 to 4 hours. But with the shuttle service from and to your hotel, the total duration might take around 5 to 5 and half hours.

Which fleet will be used for the flight?

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B3e series will be used for the flight.

What is for the breakfast?

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You have an option to choose: Continental Breakfast or American Breakfast.

How experienced are the crew?

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The helicopter crew and the people who would be serving you are very experienced. They have been trained for your comfort and safety.

What is the maximum number of people flying in one helicopter?

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In one helicopter, maximum of five people can fly at once. We need to maintain weight inside the helicopter so it depends upon your weight as well. But there wouldn’t be more than 5 people.

Is there a chance of delay due to the weather condition?

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Yes, there is a chance. At times the weather might not be good for the flight so it could be delayed. If the flight is canceled for any reason, you will get a full refund.

Can I add-on other places in Everest region during this tour?

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Yes, you can! You can opt for extra tour to Gokyo lake or any other possible place in Everest region with an additional cost.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From USD 1,100 USD $ 1,000/person
Total $ 1,000 USD

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