10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 1

Weekends start on Friday night! Check here for a list of cafes and restaurants you might like. As for bars – head on into Thamel or Jamsikhel or check Facebook for what’s on or check list of bar and club to hangout in Kathmandu.

Made it through Friday night? Wondering what to do for the rest of the weekend? Here are a few suggestions:

Le Sherpa Organic Market

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 2
le Sherpa Organic Farmer marketplace Kathmandu

Here you can buy things like almond milk, pesto sauce, Himalayan/ French cheeses, bagels, Himalayan honey, home make cakes and savories, and organic fresh fruit and vegetables, and enjoy brunch from a variety of well-known restaurants who have stalls there. The spacious market has tables and chairs, and grass (!) to sit on. Children can roam around freely and safely. Open from 9am till 12.30pm it’s the perfect way to start your weekend.

Once you have let your brunch digest you can always work it off with a run.

Himalayan Hash House Harriers

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 3
Himalayan Hash House Harriers

See their Facebook page to find out where they are running each Saturday and join the fun! For those who want to enjoy the fresh air but are not so keen on running, there is a walking group that follows on at a more leisurely pace. Normally they start the run in the afternoon.


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 4
Park Village Resort swimming pool

Alternatively, and still, on the theme of exercise, you can head over the Park Village Resort at Budhanilkantha, Hotel Shankar in Lazimpat or the International Club at Sanepa for a swim. Many of the larger hotels have large, lovely gardens and swimming pools. Check out what is near you.

Too energetic for a Saturday afternoon? Then how about:


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 5

Try the Ayurvedic Health Home or any of the larger hotels to massage the stress of the week away.

In the evening you can take a visit to the cinema, or theatre. Also check out the KTMKTM Google Group for art exhibitions and events happening around town.

Thank God it’s Sunday!

While Sunday is Nepal’s first working day of the week, for most expats it’s still the weekend!! So here are some more suggestions:-

Swim and Brunch at the Hyatt Hotel

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 6
Hyatt Hotel swimming pool

Enjoy their special swim and brunch deal available on Sundays only (there is a similar deal on Saturday’s but it will be busier)


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 7
Botanical Garden in Godwari

The Botanical Gardens at Godawari are in the south-east corner of the Kathmandu Valley. There is 82 hectare of gardens surrounded by evergreen forests where over 500 species of plants can be found. Open from 9 to 5 (10 to 4 in the winter), there is a small entrance charge.

Don’t feel like going that far?

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 8
Garden of Dream Kathmandu Thamel

Then explore the wonderful Garden of Dreams at the entrance to Thamel. Built in the 1920s by Field Marshal Kaiser Shamsher, the garden and its pavilions were restored during the 2000s by the same team that created the Patan Museum. Fountains, ponds, hidden gardens and six pavilions to represent the six Nepali seasons make the rest of the world disappear. There is a café run by Dwarika’s hotel where you can get coffee, drinks and dinner.

Want to go further?

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 9
Hattiban Resort

Head up to Hattiban Resort (crossing the ring road at Jaulakhel) into the fresh air and pine forests. It will take you about an hour from the center of town. See their Facebook page for directions. Your dog will love it up here also!


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 10
Ason Tol

If you are near Thamel, why not do a bit of shopping or at least window shopping? Or head down through the winding back streets to Ason Tol and explore the local shops selling glass beads, brass-wear, materials and riot of goods. The fair price shops in Kupondol also make for an excellent buying spree!

Wine Tasting

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 11
Vino Bistro Lazimpat

If you get a group together you can do a bit of wine tasting at the Vino Bistro in Lazimpat. Call ahead and see what can be done. (Call 01-4435982) You can also buy home make baguettes and fresh cheeses and meats to take home or eat in.

Alternatively, order a bottle in Mezze in Durbar Marg and enjoy the setting sun from their rooftop terrace.

Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu With Children

Kathmandu is not really a place which is set up for entertaining children. Nepali children are, generally, either busy helping around the house or studying. Buy why not take your kids to one of the following places:-

Le Sherpa Organic Market (Saturday’s) and Yellow House Sunday Market are child-friendly spots. Le Sherpa is dog friendly too.

Water Parks

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 12
Kathmandu fun valley

There are now two water parks around Kathmandu. It’s up to you whether you want to take your kids there or not. I’m talking water quality here.

  • Whoopee Land Amusement and Water Park at Chobhar (Combine with a trip to Hattiban Resort)
  • Kathmandu Fun Valley at, Palanse on the Araniko Highway (Passed Bhaktapur on the way to Dhulikhel)

Fun Park

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 13
Fun Park Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu

In the center of town is the Bhrikuti Mandap Fun Park with the usual rides for children.


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 14
A peacock spreads its feathers at the Central Zoo in Lalitpur, on Friday, March 25, 2016. Photo: Skanda Gautam

The zoo, situated in Jaulakhel, has seen better days but it can still be a useful educational trip if you later discuss what could be done better for the animals!

Wall Climbing

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 15
Wall Climbing at Astrek climbing Thamel

There are several places to go wall climbing including near the Belgium Consulate in Thamel (Call 01-4419265)

Ball Pit

For younger children there is a ball pit in Civil Mall Shopping Centre. Some other types of electronic games for older children too. And it’s next to the cinema!


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 16
Archery Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur (Opposite of Khetan Niwas)

Older children might enjoy trying their hand at archery under the guidance of professional staff. Located in Jhamsikhel (Call 01-2299904)

Music Classes at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory! Give them a visit to check-out what they have on offer. Art classes are hosted by several organisations. Watch KTMKTM Google Group and Facebook for details.


10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 17
The Narayanhiti Palace Museum

There are several museums which will appeal to children, including:

The National Museum located at Chauni houses a collection of pre-historical, archaeological, historical and culturally important objects. And there is plenty of outside space to run around in!

The Narayanhiti Palace Museum is in the former Royal Palace and gives a glimpse into the life of the more recent Nepali Royal Family. The entrance to the museum is located at the top of Durbar Marg. Again, a lot of outdoor space to enjoy.

Patan Museum is located in Patan Durbar Square and is perhaps more suitable for older children. It houses a good collection of status, artefacts and photographs. There is a nice café run by the Summit Hotel in the garden courtyard. The entrance fee for the museum is now included in the price of entrance to Durbar Square.

Mother and Child Groups

10 Things To Do This Weekend In Kathmandu 18
Cafe Soma Baluwatar kathmandu

There is a mother and child group that meets every Friday in garden café venues around town. Ask friends about it or start your own group!

There are not really any public parks with swings etc for children but there are several children-friendly spots and activities including:

Cafe Soma: Baluawatar, nice walled garden

Alice Restaurant: Between Gairi Dhara Chowk and Baluawatar Chowk, rare indoor playground and toys

Summit Hotel: Sanepa, nice garden area and swimming pool.

Bouddha Stupa: One of the few pedestrian areas, peaceful atmosphere and great way for older kids to learn about Buddhism and Tibetans

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Jackie has lived and travelled in Asia for 27 years, more than 20 of these in Nepal. This writer/ editor is currently the owner of a small vocational training company. She is also involved in the tourism and development sectors. When not working she can be found at live music gigs, at the theatre, or art events.

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  1. Bipul

    “Kathmandu is not really a place which is set up for entertaining children. Nepali children are, generally, either busy helping around the house or studying.” felt a bit derogatory towards the children. I know you didn’t mean anything disrespectful, but your choice of words made the notion pan out towards the wrong direction.

    I myself had been a Nepali kid back in the days, there were fun activities we would involve ourselves which maybe was different from the western world. But still I regret nothing from my childhood, and I take pride spending my childhood in this third world country.

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