Himlung Himal Expedition With Nar Phu Valley

himlung himal expedition

Himlung Himal Expedition Highlights

  • Marvel at the magnificent Annapurna peaks that surround you
  • This is the ideal summit to gain experience before attempting an 8,000m peak
  • See glaciers, and stunning mountain vistas along with remote villages with Tibetan Buddhist culture
  • Set up base camp and three high camps to summit
  • Be one of the few teams to climb this relative newcomer on the scene

Mt. Himlung at 7,126m is an option for experienced climbers who want to either climb this peak in its own right or who wish to gain further experience before tackling climbs over 8,000m. If you have Alpine PD+/ AD route experience (or have climbed Scottish Grade I/II winter routes) you will enjoy your climb on Himlung better. This is not a very technically difficult climb but it is physically demanding and takes 10 to 15 days to conquer the summit from base camp and back. The whole trip is 27 days, Kathmandu to Kathmandu, which includes 15 days for the climb.

Himlung lies in the northeast of the Annapurna range, in a secluded area of Nepal which borders with Tibet. Starting off in Manang, the trek in follows part of the Annapurna Circuit. The first two days are by road. Then from Koto we trek in for 5 days, including an acclimatization day. After breaking away from the trekking route, the landscape turns barren and other-worldly.

We set up base camp at 4,900m. The three higher camps are established at the heights of 5,450m, 6,000m and 6,350m. Mt. Himlung itself is an attractive mountain with a graceful summit shape. But that does not detract from the physically challenging aspect of the climb! A high level of fitness is required as climbing to this height places stress on the body. But with the ratio of Sherpas to clients we adopt, and with plenty of time for acclimatization built in, we are confident this is a climb you will not only achieve, but enjoy achieving.

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Himlung Himal Expedition With Nar Phu Valley

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