How much does Langtang Trek Costs?

Langtang trek costs are a sum of your personal costs and the package you choose. In an estimate, your budget for Langtang trek should be around $700-$900. The package costs usually vary according to the services you take. As for your personal costs, they are subjective and depend on your choices.

The total costs for the Langtang trek depend on the following factors:

  • Your itinerary– Is it for 5 days, 7 days, or 11 days?
  • The season in which you plan to trek
  • The type of accommodation you want
  • Your choice of food and drinks
  • The services you want to take on the mountains such as wifi, charging, etc.
  • The permits you will need
  • The choice of transportation to the starting point
  • Guides and porters

Knowing about the Langtang trek costs is an important part of your trekking plan. Other than that you will need to know which is the best time to go for a Langtang trek, what weather you can expect, and the permits required for the Langtang trek.

Langtang Trek Costs

Here is a detailed explanation of the factors that make up the total Langtang trek costs.


For the Langtang trek, you need to get two permits. The permits are compulsory and if you, as a trekker, walk without it, will have to buy them on the spot with charged fines. You can also receive punishment declared by law for not having the compulsory permits.

You need two permits for your Langtang trekking i.e.

TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System)

TIMS is a paper card that carries information about the trekkers and their destination. If you are an individual foreign trekker you have to pay $20 for the card. Whereas, for the ones who travel in a group, it only costs $10. If you are a SAARC national, you only have to pay $6 for the TIMS card.

Langtang National Park Entry Permit

Langtang National Park entrance permit 1

This is the permit you will need to get before you enter the Langtang National Park. This permit will cost you $30 per person excluding 13% VAT. If you are SAARC national you will only have to pay $15 plus 13% VAT. You can get both these permits from Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu.

If you could not manage the time to get it in Kathmandu, you can get it at the starting of the trail. You will have to pay more if you get the permits while trekking.

If you plan to travel with us, we will take care of all the permits and necessary documents. Provide us with a copy of your valid passport and the passport-size photo.


Your journey starts from Kathmandu where you will find different types of accommodation for different prices. For $5, you can get a hostel but if you wish to stay in a luxurious hotel, the tariff starts from $150. You can opt for a decent accommodation in Kathmandu for $40-$60 per night.

On your trek, in lower regions, you may find different types of accommodation. But at higher altitudes, the rooms are basic but, comfortable and cozy.

The accommodation costs range from $12-$15 if you go in the peak season. You can get it cheap if you have a meal in the same place you stay.

During off seasons like monsoon and winter, the accommodation price drops to $3-$5. Because few trekkers dare to walk in the colder and slippery trail you will see the teahouses less crowded.

But in peak season, you might have to share a room with your fellow trekkers or may not even get a room during the peak season. If you are not comfortable in sharing rooms or want to confirm where to stay, pre-book a room beforehand.

langtang food menu breakfast

Meals and Drinks

You will find many tea houses and lodges on your Langtang trek. You can choose from food options such as rice, lentils, vegetable curry, pickle, noodles, pasta, macaroni and many more.

In higher altitudes, you will have to pay more for the same food than in lower altitudes. This is due to the lack of roads and transportation services up to the mountains. For example, in lower regions, a morning meal may cost you $2-$3 but as you go higher it may cost you $5-$6. You can carry light snacks such as granola bars, chocolates etc. to cut down your total costs.

For drinks, you will again find a range of options that includes, milk tea, black tea, ginger tea, coffee, bottled water. Yet, the price increases with the altitude gain. Example, for a bottled water, in lower regions, it will you cost you $0.25-$2 whereas, in higher regions, it will cost you $3-5.

You can carry water purifying tablets with you so that you do not have to pay money for water. You can fill water from natural resources and then add purifying tablets to make it drinkable.


You can choose the Langtang trek between 8 to 11 days. The longer you spend on the trek, the more you will spend for meals, accommodations, guides, and porters. This will increase your Langtang Trek costs.


kathmandu to syabrubesi

Kathmandu to Syaprubeshi

Kathmandu Syaprubeshi

Inside Local Bus Kathmandu Syaprubeshi

Your Langtang trek usually starts from Syabrubesi. So, from Kathmandu, you will have to get to Syabrubesi. To reach your trailhead you can travel on local buses, tourist buses, and private jeeps.

Local buses will cost you around $10 whereas private jeeps will charge you around $150. If you plan to travel by tourist bus, the bus will take you up to Machha Pokhari Bus Station and cost you between $10.

Cost of Guide and Porter for Langtang Valley Trek

Getting ready for the trek at Syaprubeshi

If you are a first-time trekker, we suggest you hire both a guide and a porter. Finding your way in the mountains could be tough on your own.  If you trek with a guide they will help you navigate through the mountains. They help you communicate with the locals to learn about their cultures and traditions.

Plus, if you travel with a guide then s/he helps you to arrange for your accommodations and plan your meals. While a porter will carry your luggage on your trail.

A good guide will cost you $30 per day and a porter will charge you $25 per day. If you want, we can arrange a licensed guide and porter for your trip.

Insurance Costs

Langtang Valley is a remote mountain range of Nepal. We advise you to get insurance while traveling in such places. There are always risks of accidents, luggage loss, flight delay, or cancellation. During an emergency, you may need helicopter evacuation as well.

Getting yourself insurance will help you cover all the requirements. Sometimes you may get seriously ill and may need an immediate helicopter evacuation. Is such conditions, your Insurance policy becomes useful. Insurances usually are for a 30-day period and can cost around $150. But, the prices vary according to the companies.

Miscellaneous Costs

Other than the given major costs, you may also spend on the following during your trek:

  • You may want to buy souvenirs from the mountains for your friends and family.
  • At higher altitudes, you will have to pay for charging your phone and batteries. It can cost you around $2-$5.
  • Even though your porters and guides have fixed costs, you might want to tip them if they provide you with excellent service. Although tipping is not compulsory, guides and porters do expect it.
  • Other than that, you may like to make donations to the schools and monasteries along the trail.

The trekking package you opt for doesn’t cover such costs. This can add to the total costs of your journey.

Tips To Minimize Your Langtang Trek Costs

If you want to travel on a budget, you will want to save your money on places you want. Here are some tips that will help you cut in your Langtang trek costs:

  • Instead of paying to charge your phone and batteries at higher altitudes, you can carry a solar power charger or a power bank.
  • You should carry only the things that are very important. Plan your trip and only keep things that are essential on your bag. Make sure you can carry the bag easily. This way you will not have to spend money on hiring a porter.
  • Snacks and chocolates are expensive at higher altitudes. So, carry your own chocolates, biscuits, granola bars, etc. to save money.
  • You can carry your own tea bags and only pay for hot water. This can also save you money along the trail.
  • Trekking clothes, shoes, etc. can be quite expensive. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these items. You can find reasonable stores in Thamel that will give you the items at a good price.
  • You can also rent some trekking gears for which you have to pay around $1-$10 per day.

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