Upper Dolpo Travel Guide

This section contains all the free and independent information you will need if you are thinking to trek in the Dolpo region, more specifically in Upper Dolpo. Unfortunately trekkers cannot enter Upper Dolpo alone or apply for the necessary permits by themselves.  The permits must be applied for through a local agency. And of course, you must trek with staff from an agency. Needless to say, it would be pretty impossible to carry enough food and equipment to trek Upper Dolpo alone, as there are very very few accommodation options on the trails other than your own tent.

In this section we provide you with information on the permits you require, the altitudes you will encounter; the overall difficulty of the trek such as the weather conditions; advice on preventing altitude sickness; logistics, and how much you should budget for such a trip.

Upper Dolpo is an amazing experience.  You can do the Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek or opt for one of several treks which bring you to the most stunning areas of Upper Dolpo combined with other interesting, neighbouring districts of Nepal.

Take some time to look over the information contained here.  Dolpo is not for everyone. On the whole trekkers require great fitness and greater stamina, plenty of time and a good budget!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Magical Nepal.

Permits and Costs for Upper Dolpo Treks

Let’s be honest, it’s expensive to trek in Upper Dolpo. Between the permit fees and the cost of a fully catered camping trek it’s not light in the pocket! To know more about the permits please see here.

How expensive is it to trek in Upper Dolpo? Here we provide you with all the details you need to budget for your trip.

When is the Best Time to Trek in Upper Dolpo?

Look here for details of the weather you can expect and the best time to go.

Which is the Best Route to Take in Upper Dolpo?

Look here for details of the 24 day Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek. We also provide you with several alternative routes which run through Upper Dolpo and which are of different lengths and highlight different aspects of the region. See here for more information.

Things you Should Know before Trekking in Upper Dolpo

Much of Upper Dolpo is located at altitudes over 3,000m. In fact around 15 out of the 24 days required for the Upper Dolpo Circuit Trek will be above 3,000m, many above 4,000m and with 3 passes to cross over 5,000m. So altitude related health problems are a risk. But with proper awareness and the acclimatization days we have built into the trek the risk is greatly reduced.

Upper Dolpo can be enjoyed by trekkers with a good fitness level and previous experience of trekking and trekking at altitude. But we still recommend that you prepare for your trek in advance by walking (uphill and on rough ground if possible) and improving your cardio fitness before you come.

The logistics will be managed by your local agency. See here for more information about the trek logistics, for example how many staff will accompany you.

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