7 Ways To Enjoy Pokhara Without Annapurna Trek

1. Rent a scooter and explore Pokhara

Motorbike and scooter rent cost for one day in Pokhara – USD 8 to USD 10
Fuel of USD 6 is enough to explore entire attractions of Pokhara.


Visit the Tibetan Refugee Camp

Visit the Tibetan Refugee Camp

Visit the Tibetan Refugee Camp (Tashi Palkhel Tibetan Refugee Settlement). There is a monastery, a school which trains young monks, many souvenir shops with genuine Tibetan Handicraft and Jewelry and interesting Tibetan community to explore. If you happen to visit in the middle of the day, grab a basketball and play with students. They will love it.

Visit some caves and waterfall?

Visit some caves and waterfall

Yes, you can find it in Pokhara Valley with easy access by scooter. If you get lost —stop and ask direction to any people nearby. The local people speak English and love to help. Explore Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave and Gupteswor Cave. Also the waterfall named Davis Falls. There is great a story behind the falls. You will find it written at the falls so, I won’t tell you now.

See great sunrise and Sunset

There are two places you must go by scooter — Sarangkot and World Peace Pagoda. Access is easy. There are many restaurants and bars to refresh you along the way. Sit, relax, and enjoy the perfect view of Machhapuchhre and Annapurna.

2. Go paddle boating on a few lake or Kayak bring your music and chill out in the middle of the lake.

Go paddle boating on a few lake or Kayak bring your music

One hour boat rent – USD 4 to 5 | Life jacket – USD 0.2 | Half day boat rent – USD 15 to 18

Picture a sunny day, a big peaceful lake, a blue sky and a paddleboat. You can rent a paddleboat, sailboat, kayak, or rowboat for just a few dollars. Once you make the choice, head towards the middle of the lake for either a crazy party in the paddleboat or a tranquil escape from the noise of the town. Believe me! There is nothing more than this idea set up. A big paddle boat that seats twelve people brings your drinks and food and a good sound system. Wear your swimming suit and let the party begin!

3. Paraglide from Sarangkot and fly like a bird

Paraglide from Sarangkot and fly like a bird

Half hour tandem flight– USD 55 to 85 | Video and photo – USD 15 to 17

It’s easy! It’s a Tandem Jump, you are not alone, and your guide will walk you through every steps. You don’t need any training and there aren’t any physical criteria. All you need is to be able to run a few steps, close your eyes, jump off a cliff, and fly in the air like a bird. It’s an exhilarating, unforgettable experience. You have choices of 30 min or 1 hour flight, and your own video to take home. If you want to add something special to this event you can Para Hawk! What is that? With special gloves you stretch your arm in the air while paragliding and wait for a hawk to land in your palm.

4. Hike to peace pogada from fantastic view

Hike to peace pagoda from fantastic view

You are not trekking but you are going for a good hike. Rent a boat with driver and cross the lake from where the hiking path begins. You can ask your driver to wait while you hike to the top and come back. It’s an easy hike along the path which takes you through a gentle forest. At the top, take your time and enjoy the view. You will see the whole Annapurna Range sandwiched between Dhaulagiri on one side and Manaslu Range on the other. You will also see all of the Pokhara Valley and lake spread beneath you. Directly across the lake you will see Sarangkot surrounded by paraglides, floating in the sky. The peace pagoda is stunning stupa built by the Japanese to share a common feeling of peace for all nations. On the way down there are many restaurants serving wide varieties of food. If you don’t want to hike all the way down; you again have an option of renting a taxi that will take you down to the lakeside.

5. Visit Happy village on a bicycle and eat delicious fresh fish from the lake

Visit Happy village on a bicycle and eat delicious fresh fish from the lake

Bicycle rate per hour – USD 0.5 to USD 1 | One plate of fish – USD 4.5 | Beer – USD 3.5 | 10 % Extra Service Charge

There are many places to rent a bicycle in Pokhara. Choose the one that suits you and head out to the happy village on the far side of the lake, away from the town. You will find a little bumpy road in places but it is manageable. You will pass through many local people walking, local houses, local eating places. Enjoy the gentle rural landscape with the voice of birds singing constantly. The ride is approximately thirty minutes until you reach the sign “Welcome to Happy Village”. Choose one of several local restaurants and enjoy fresh fried fish from the lake.

6. For Extra Excitement Bungee Jump and Zip flyer

For Extra Excitement Bungee Jump and Zip flyer

Dream it Dare it do it
600 Meters Vertical Drop
1.8 KM Long
140+ KM/Hour Speed
The world’s most incredible zip line!

Pokhara is offering the world’s longest and most vertical downhill zip line. This thrilling ride offers fantastic views of the Annapurna Range. If you want to take this adventure back home with you, they will videotape you with a GoPro and you can buy a copy. You will land in a place called Hemja and from there you can continue on to bungee jumping. It’s right there. Both of these thrills are operated by the same company called High Ground Adventure, so you can book both at the same time.

7. Enjoy the night life at lakeside and the local bars

Enjoy the night life at lakeside and the local bars

Red/white wine – USD 2.5 to 3 | Beer – USD 3 to 3.5 with free chips | Cocktail – buy one get one free.

Grab a bottle of beer for 200 rupees with chips and enjoy happy hour from 4 to 7 pm and if it is still not enough keep on drinking and banging head at the live rock bar till late night.

There are many restaurants in Pokhara that offer happy hour discounts. Drinks are either half the price or buy one get one free and free snacks are also offered. It’s good time to get your drink on. You are walking not driving, right? Yes I’m sure you are walking. After happy hour the party continues at many live music cafes. These cafes feature young local artists who are proficient at all kinds of music, but especially rock. Busy Bee, Blues bar are among them. If you like to dance Oxygen bar is perfect choice but they do have an entrance fee. Get back to your hotel safely before 12:00 o’clock in the midnight.

More or less you don’t need hiking boot for this

More or less you don’t need hiking boot for this

All you need is converse or vans like this for enjoying in Pokhara instead of hiking boots like in Annapurna Trek or even flip-flops are fine for city. For some adventure like paragliding – bungee jumping and zip line tight shoes are recommended instead of flip-flops and somehow mandatory.

“shoes keep clean sneakers get dirty”

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.

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