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Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest fresh water lake in Nepal. It is located in the far western corner of Nepal, in the Jumla and Mugu districts. It is a beautiful, peaceful place that must be seen, and getting there at the right time of the year makes all the difference.

December to February

In considering its elevation of more than 3500 meters, and its remote location, the months of December, January and February are not ideal times to visit. The passes are covered with snow and temperatures are very cold. And roads and airports are often shut down. It is a strange fact, though that no matter how cold the weather gets the lake never freezes!

March to May

The ideal time to visit the lake would be March through May. At this time the weather is mild, the rhododendrons are blooming everywhere filling the mountain trails with color, the sky is clear and the lake is a crystal blue. From the tower, a two hour hike above the lake, the view of the lake is stunning. It is also a perfect time for either flying, trekking, taking a bus, or jeep rides. But not always are we able to take our trips at the ideal times.

June to August

If, for instance you are going to be in Nepal in June, July, or August, and still want to visit Rara lake, it is not impossible, just more of an adventure! You could expect heavy, long rains, monsoon season of course, muddy trails, and very likely landslides that can prevent continuing on a trail and forcing you to change your route.

September to November

September, October and November are another choice, and really a good choice. Monsoon is over and winter has not yet arrived. The skies are cloudless and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. This time of year should be perfect for trekking, driving and flying. Whatever you chose, whatever fits into your schedule, try to fit in Rara Lake. You won’t be disappointed!

I had trekked recently in September 2016. This is considered as best time for Rara Lake Trek. You can check my Rara Lake Trek Report.

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