Manaslu Trek Map

Finding your way around Manaslu!

Naturally we will be there to guide you but we realise many people like to know where they are going in advance and also, in an emergency, it is very handy to know exactly where you are.

Today printed maps have been pretty much replaced by GPS and GPX devices. But, we must point out, in remote mountain regions sometimes these devices may not work due to bad weather, trekking in a narrow gorge, or running out of battery. So best to be prepared with an ‘old fashioned’ map.

Having said that, today with GPS and GPX etc. many people do not know how to read a printed map. So maybe practice a bit before coming?

Printed maps are available to buy in Thamel and there are offline trek maps also. Do note that there are different versions, showing different elevations etc., of the same trekking routes!

We recommend an online Manaslu trek map provided by Himalayan Map House. There is also a good map of the Manaslu trekking area in EveryTrail.

And, unique to Magical Nepal, is a map provided to us by a group from the Czech Republic who used a Delorme Reach Device to track their 16 day Manaslu route.

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