How to Combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek

Langtang region, 147 km north to Kathmandu, offers three trekking trails i.e. Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu. These trails have stunning views of the mountains, rare wildlife, and many adventures. To experience the best of Langtang region in a single trek, you can combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek.

This combined trek starts with a trek to Langtang valley, ‘one of the most beautiful valleys’. For this, you will start from Syabrubesi from where you will ascend/descend your way to the valley. En route you will experience the pristine nature, unique culture and see the spectacular Himalayan ranges.

From Langtang valley, you will proceed further to the Gosainkunda lake, a holy pilgrimage and nature’s bliss. The route up to Gosainkunda passes through colorful rhododendron forests and beautiful landscapes. The area has 108 lakes of which you will get to see Bhairab Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, etc. on the way.

From Gosainkunda, you will continue the trail down to the Helambu region. This easy path through lush forests will take you to the land of Tamang people of the Helambu region. In the village, you get to experience their authentic culture and typical lifestyles. The local Hyolmo people make visitors part of the celebrations and dances.

If you join this trip where you combine the three spectacular treks on a single trip then you will collect lifetime memories. Many trekkers opt for this combined trek for an added adventure. And, hence, it is one of the most popular trekking options in Nepal.

Why Combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek?

A combination of Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek means you get to experience the best of the most beautiful trekking destination in Nepal.

The route directs you to walk through dense forests and offers panoramic views of the mountains. Plus, you get to enjoy the hospitality of the local, taste the typical culture and religion and much more.

Here are a few highlights of this combined trek.

  • You will walk through the dense green forests and get a chance to see the wildlife.
  • You will see the panoramic views of Langtang Lirung (7246m), Dorje Lhakpa (6430m), Yala Peak (5500m), Annapurna ranges, etc.
  • You will walk to the mesmerizing Gosaikunda lake surrounded by valleys.
  • You will join a cultural trek in the Helambu region.
  • You will enjoy the warmth, hospitality, celebrations, and love from the Hyolmo people.
  • You walk through a range of altitudes and celebrate an ideal chance to see wildflowers and vegetation.

Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek Itinerary

The itinerary plan for this combined trek starts with a trek to Langtang valley. You will ascend to Kang Jin Gompa (3900m), the highest point of the Langtang valley trek. Then the route continues towards the trail of the Gosainkunda trek. From Gosainkunda lake(4380m), the trail continues down to the Helambu region (2560m). Your combined trek ends at Melamchi Pul Bazaar.

We have the following itinerary plan for this combined Helambu Gosaikunda with Langtang trek.

DAY 01

Arrival in Kathmandu (1400m)

DAY 02

Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (2300m): 7 hours

DAY 03

Trek from Syabrubesi to Lama Hotel (2560m): 6 hours

DAY 04

Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang Village (3430m):6-7 hours

DAY 05

Trek from Langtang Village to Kang Jin Gompa (3900m): 3.5hours

DAY 06

Kang Jin Gompa to Tserko Ri (4984m) and back to Kang Jin Gompa : 5-6 hours

DAY 07

Trek from Kang Jin Gompa to Lama Hotel: 5-6 hours

DAY 08

Trek from Lama Hotel to Thulo Syabru (2260m): 5-6 hours

DAY 09

Trek from Thulo Syabru to Sing Gompa (3330m): 5-6 hours

DAY 10

Trek from Sing Gompa to Gosainkunda (4380m): 5-6 hours

DAY 11

Trek from Gosaikunda to Gopte (3440m): 6-8 hours

DAY 12

Trek from Gopte to Malemchigano: 6-7 hours

DAY 13

Trek from Malemchigano to Tarke Gyang(Helambu) (2590m): 5-7 hours

DAY 14

Trek from Tarke Gyang to Sermathang (2610m): 3-5 hours

DAY 15

Trek from Sermathang to Melamchi Pul Bazar to Kathmandu (1400m): 3-4 hours

DAY 16

Departure from Kathmandu

Please do note that the number of days may increase on the trek due to unavoidable circumstances. Unfavorable weather in the high altitudes or emergencies can cause changes in the itinerary plan.

This is a customizable itinerary so you can plan your own itinerary as per your convenience. We will be happy to plan the trip with you, share us your preferences.

When to Plan for?

Like, the best time to go for Gosainkunda trek, Langtang trek and Helambu trek, the best time for Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek is also Spring and Autumn. Spring in Nepal is from March to May and Autumn is from September to early December. Both these seasons are peak seasons to trek in Nepal.

The daytime temperature is these seasons range from 10°C-15°C (50°F-59°F). While at night, the temperature goes below 10°C. The weather during the day is warm which makes it perfect for walking. Even the skies are clear, air is fresh and the views of the mountains are clear.

Also, these are among the least humid months in the Langtang region so you get to enjoy the sharpest views of the surrounding landscapes. There are the least chances of clouds and the fogs obstructing the surrounding views.

In the Spring season, the forests are lush and the flowers are in full bloom. You will experience the wildflowers and vegetation full of lives. During Autumn, the mountain views are clear and stunning. The fall-colored forests and the warmth of the atmosphere make autumn the best season to trek.

Magical Nepal plans best itineraries for any season in which you want to trek. We make sure there is enough number of days for acclimatization to complete your trek with no problems.

Difficulty Level

This combined Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek is a strenuous walk. The maximum altitude you will ascend to is 3600m at Tserko Ri(4984m). You may feel cold and the symptoms of altitude sickness. So, proper acclimatization throughout the trek is essential.

You will be spending two weeks in the mountains. Sometimes the harsh wind, unexpected snowfall, and rainfalls may happen along the way. This makes the trail slippery. Difficult weather conditions may add to the difficulty level of this trek.

The trekking route to Langtang valley has many steep trails along the way. From Kang Jin Gompa, the trail continues to be uphill to reach Gosainkunda lake (4380m). The way starts with a steep trail and passes through the dense forest to reach Cholangpati. From Cholangpati, the trail continues to be steep up to Lauribina Pass, from where you will have to walk an hour across the hills to reach Gosainkunda.

After Gosainkunda, the trail gets challenging on the same day. You will have to walk downhill a steep rocky hill to reach Gopte for 6-7 hours (3440m). From the next day, you get to walk in much easier trekking trail. You will walk on a flat terrain through many forests to reach Melamchi Pul Bazaar, the end point of your trek.

On this combined trek, you will be walking in the remote terrains of Langtang region. And for this exploration, you will be on foot throughout the trek. You walk for an average of 5-6 hours daily for 15 days. So, prepare yourself for the trek by doing some day hikes, exercising, swimming, etc. on a daily basis before you go for this trek.

Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek Costs

The total costs for Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek costs range from $900-$1700 including all government taxes. This combined trek cost is higher than the individual trek costs for Gosainkunda, Helambu, and Langtang. This is so because you will be spending more number of days in the region on food, accommodation, guides, porters etc.

The package you choose covers all the major expenses on the trek such as food, accommodation, guides, permits, and the like. But, they do not include miscellaneous costs such as charging services, wifi, donations, etc.

Do you want to join our combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang trek? Share us about your plans. We make the best itinerary plan, arrange for all your necessities and more. For further information on this trek or any other treks in Nepal, feel free to contact us.

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