Tibet sits on the roof of the world. It’s the highest plateau on earth, of such striking beauty that your scope for adventure is only limited by your ability to obtain permits. Glistening turquoise lakes, vast open plains, and high passes covered in prayer flags.

Ancient monasteries full of chanting monks, and a religious atmosphere heavy with the scent of burning juniper and yak butter. Faith in these places has a level of devotion rarely seen in the western world. Tibet has a level of devotion that crosses the millennia, where you can imagine a bygone era which is surpassed only by the smiles and open hearts of the people. It is the Tibetan people that truly make a trip here worthwhile.

Whether you want to see geography on a humbling scale, stare in awe of the north or the remote and little trekked east face of Everest, or make a trip across the vastness of plains which have little changed since the might of the mongols.