Perfect Kanchenjunga Trek

Perfect Kanchenjunga Trek 1

I trekked all across Nepal for half a year, and Magical Nepal helped me organize one of the best treks of them all! The Kanchenjunga region is a real treat – it isn’t nearly as busy or developed (for tourists) as other regions in the country, but just developed enough that there is no problem getting a guest house every night (no camping necessary!) The mountains are gorgeous. The people are friendly and welcoming. Magical Nepal connected me with an awesome group of trekkers to walk with and the nicest guides. I would (and have) recommended their services to anyone trekking anywhere in Nepal – but their specialty is definitely Kenchenjunga region. They know what permits to get, how to get them, can book you a flight or a transport car in a snap, and turn it all around incredibly fast. Plus, they did it all for very good value $ as well. I’ll book all my future treks with Magical Nepal! Highly recommended!