Rolwaling Region

The Rolwaling valley extends east-west along the Gauri Shankar Massif 7134 m and is one of the true “off the beaten tracks”. Starting with a drive from Kathmandu to the village of Charikot. From here, you pass through the Rolwaling valley with its forest of thick Rhododendrons towards the Tashi Lapcha pass at 5755 m.

It’s a demanding climb made memorable by constant views of the summit of Gauri Shankar 7146 m, which for a long time was confused with Everest as the world’s highest mountain as well as the summits of Dorje Lakpa and Tashi Lapcha.

The trek takes you through a demographic and cultural cross-section of Nepal that can’t be sampled on any other trek and is renowned as one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalayas, with beautiful Sherpa and Tamang villages. Since the reopening of this route, the small Sherpa villages of Bedding and Na have remained largely untouched by western influences, giving trekkers a chance to experience traditional village life away from the crowds.

After the pass, you cross into the Khumbu valley and return to Kathmandu via airplane from Lukla. The trek can also be done in reverse.

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