Adventure sports and activities in Nepal have exploded over the past decade. What was once the domain of mountaineers and trekkers now attracts large numbers of discerning thrill seekers and tourists who are looking for something extra. Activities range in the Annapurna and Everest regions from ultralight scenic flights, to paragliding, to parachuting. Canyoning, white water rafting and kayaking are also world famous. How about a jungle safari canoe trip floating past Asian Rhino, or bungee jumping 160 m into a white water filled gorge.

Caving in Nepal is perhaps the newest activity. Until recently cave exploration was limited to swallows nest collectors and honey hunters. Siddha Gufa cave in Bandipur is Nepal’s largest, extending 437 m long and 50 m in height. Caves in these regions have barely been explored and are waiting for the intrepid adventurer.

Whatever your ambition is Magical Nepal can arrange it for you. Just drop us an email with your questions and if its possible to do we will do it.

Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon!

This tiny mountain country, with a population of under 1 million, is the last real Himalayan Kingdom. Sacred beliefs and cultures, combined with strong environmental and conservation laws; a philosophy of Gross National Happiness, combined with a low volume/ high value tourism policy; a majestic Himalayan landscape, unique architecture, dance festivals and archery competitions, stunning trekking routes and abundant flora and fauna are some of the reasons we at Magical Nepal think Bhutan is a country many of our clients would love!

Certainly Bhutan is a country where traditional culture is alive and kicking! It attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience its Buddhist culture and religion, enjoy its festivals and peoples, buy local textiles and handicrafts, trek through its pristine forest lands (70% of the land is forest!) and be in awe of the snow-capped Himalayas. With its strong Bhutan tour policy, it is not a destination which attracts many backpackers, but it certainly is value for money in terms of experience and awesomeness!

Come let Magical Nepal take you on a magical Bhutan tour.