How to save money while Trekking in Nepal

How to save money while Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal should be on the bucket list of every adventurous soul that walks this earth. Walking through spectacular landscapes and experiencing harmonious cultures, it will certainly be an adventure of a lifetime. There are several trekking routes in Nepal and each will give you a unique experience, thanks to the diversity of Nepal.  You can visit the country during the appropriate seasons. There are two phases, from March to May and from September to early December.

Before traveling anywhere, we tend to create a budget so that we can keep our expenses low. This is how you should travel anywhere. It is the same for trekking in Nepal. You will spend money but it is also necessary to manage your expenses as it is your hard earned money.

Below, I have shared few ideas that will help you save money while trekking in Nepal.

Buy/Hire Trekking Equipments in Nepal

You do not have to buy trekking equipment at home, you can easily find them Kathmandu. There are several stores in Thamel that sell these equipment.  You can buy them cheap. They are not 100% original but work just fine. So, instead of splurging on expensive equipment, buy or rent them.  Items such as trekking poles can be easily borrowed.

Charging your Phone costs Money

It is true that while you trek across a particular region in Nepal. You will rest in teahouse. These teahouses let you charge money but you need to pay for it. It usually costs around $3-5 per hour. So, if you take a solar phone charger you will be saving $3-5. This will surely help you in bringing down your expenses.

Packing Smart

You would save a lot if you pack smart. You may be able to carry your own items and might not require a potter. Packing smart will also reduce the burden on your shoulder. Another way to save money would be that you can leave your items with the travel company. These travel companies will hold onto your items for the duration of the trek and you don’t have to take everything that you brought from home.


Another way to save money would be to camp instead of staying at teahouses. You will definitely save a lot. Another reason why camping will reduce your expenses is that equipments related to camping can be hired from the stores of Thamel in Kathmandu.

Wearable Sleeping Bags

Wearable sleeping bags can be really helpful. They are multifunctional and will save you some  space in your bag as well. Wearable sleeping bags are really helpful if you find yourself in really cold places when you trek. It keeps you warm. So, you don’t have to buy trousers to keep yourself warm. Your wearable sleeping bag will get the job done. Wearable sleeping bags are more cozy and comfortable. You will also find them lightweight. Check these best wearable sleeping bags if you want to buy one.

Order what you are going to eat

While you are trekking in Nepal, you will trek across remote regions. Still, you will find proper food served at teahouse. These people go through a lot of difficulties while transporting food materials up into the hills.You will be doing them a favor when you eat everything that you order and not waste it. This will also help you save some money. Some tourist tends to order a lot and not end up finishing their food. You can ask if you doubt about the quantity that you are going to receive.

Different Types of Treks

Many people have a misconception that Nepal is only about trekking in difficult regions. Well, this is not entirely true. There are several types of trekking routes and several kinds of difficulty levels. So, if you are planning to come with the younger ones in your family, do not hesitate.There are trekking routes that are highly suitable for families. Baby hiking backpack can be highly beneficial for this kind of treks. In case you want to purchase it, you can check out the best baby hiking backpack.

Food Items

You can food items such as Granola bars, dried fruits, oats, peanut butter, etc. you can eat these items to replenish the lost calories. You can also supplement your breakfast with oats and peanut butter. Making your meal more fulfilling while saving money in the process.

Take a Tour Company

Taking a tour company can also help you save money. Since time will also be a factor and you will not be able to hassle everywhere you go. And, you might end up being charged a lot more than you should have paid.  Travel companies will save your money as well a lot of time. All the arrangements will be arranged and all you need to do is a trek and admire the beauty of thisland.

Compare Prices Online

It is vital that you compare price online. This should be done as you will be aware of the prices and will not pay for similar services. Give few hours to compare the prices and you will save your hard-earned money. You will get appropriate service for the money you pay and will not end up paying more.

Repair Trekking Equipment, Not replace

The best way to save money would be to re-use your older items. Appearance should be the last thing on your mind while you trek. Many people tend to throw away items that are perfectly reusable. You can use this and complete your trek and save a lot by not purchasing a new item. Also, you can repair your equipment and basic prices and use them.


If you follow the things mentioned above, you will spend a lot of money and will also be able to enjoy the beauty of Nepal without any compromise. The money that you have earned will be spent on what you love but also be saved with some of these hacks.

Lastly, we at Magical Nepal would be delighted to be at your service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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