Resham Firiri Song Lyrics And English Meaning

Are you trying to sing Nepali Song named Resham Firiri Resham Firiri?

Well, this is a very famous song in Nepal with good lyrics. I will explain the entire song in English with proper meanings. Before that here is the lyric of this famous song.

This is a JPEG file. Lyric is in the form of a picture instead of text. You can download it easily. I will not be talking about the history of this song. You can read it in WiKi, anytime you like. This is also a famous song in trekking. If you are going to Annapurna, small kids along the trail will entertain you with this song.

If you are coming Nepal for Trekking, here is a useful link about Trekking in Nepal.

Let’s begin with translation of the song title. Resham Firiri!

Resham Firiri Song Lyrics And English Meaning

Resham: Exact English translation of the word Resham is Silk.

Firiri: I think there is no exact English translation of this word. Ok, I will try my best to describe this. Tie one end of a towel with a rope. Now, turn the blower on and move it towards the free end of towel. The flow of towel with the current of blower’s air is called Firiri in typical language. But the firiri in the song is supposed to be cause of natural air.

Do you know the exact English word of Firiri now? If yes, let me know ?

I will now translate line by line. Each line has unique meaning. The meaning of one line might not compliment with meaning of another line. They are just for rhythm. Basically it’s a love song. They are expressing their feelings and how their love started.

Udera Jau Ki Dhada Ma Bhanjyang

Udera – By flying
Jau – Go
Ki – Or
Dhada – Hill
Ma – In
Bhanjyang – Mountain Pass, Also refers to plain land on hilltop

Excitement level so high! They are in love with each other. Basically, they don’t want to stay ideally in one place. They are wondering of fly over to the hilltop. They are simply talking to themselves, like shall I go to the top of the hill by flying. As if they can! Everything is possible in love and war, isn’t it?

Kukur Lai Kuti Ma Kuti Biralo Lai Suri
Timro Hamro Maya Priti Dobato Ma Kuri

Kukur – Dog
Lai – For
Kuti Ma Kuti – Literally, when people saw a playful dog they used to say Kuti Kuti. (Kuti as a single word, doesn’t have an exact english translation)
Biralo – Cat
Suri – Similar to Kuti Ma Kuti for dog, in Nepal we used to call Suri for cat. If you want to attract random cat in Nepal, just say Suri La, La.
Timro – Your
Hamro – Our
Maya Priti – Love
Dobato – Junction of two roads
Kuri – Wait

Now it’s very simple to interpret the lines. Kukur lai kuti ma kuti, biralo lai suri. This means of calling a dog to love, it’s Kuti Kuti and for cat it’s Suri. Timro hamro maya priti dobato ma kuri; our love took place by waiting at the junctions of two roads. Maybe, boy or girl who ever is first will wait on the junctions for their lovers to arrive.

Eak nale banduk dui nale banduk, mirga lai takaeko
Mirga lai maile takaeko hoina, maya lai dakaeko

Eak – One
Nale – Barrel
Dui – Two
Banduk – Gun
Mirga – Deer
Takaeko – Pointed
Maile – Me
Hoina – Not
Maya – Love
Dakaeko – Call

Here, also, this stanza doesn’t make a sense when we read collectively. They are just for perfect rhythm. Look ‘Takaeko’ and ‘Dakaeko’, they are pretty similar. In the first line, single barrel and double barrel gun is being pointed towards the deer. And in the second line, they refuse that gun is being pointed toward the deer. Instead, they said they are calling their love. There is love everywhere, throughout the song. Hmm, maybe like they fire a gun and shout out – Honey, where are you? Come here!

Aakash ma jhahaj shadak ma motor nabahye gada cha
Yo man jasto tyo man bhayae tagat ghada cha

Aakash – Sky
Jhahaj – Airplane
Shadak – Road
Motor – Vehicles
Nabhaye – Don’t have
Gada – Pulling cart
Cha – Have
Yo – This
Man – Heart
Jasto – Be like (similar)
Tyo – That
Tagat – Strength
Ghada – Strong

Here few words like Gada and Ghada, sounds similar. While writing in Nepali font, it is slightly different. Ok, here in the first line, they said if there is no plane in the sky and no motors on the road, then there exists a cart. In the second line it is said that, if both of their hearts are similar, then fantasy will stronger. Also, second line could be understood in different ways. We can relate it with love. If your heart is like mine in terms of feeling, then love is or will be deeper and sweet.

Sano ma sano gai ko baccho, bhirai ma ram ram
Chodera jana sakina maile, baru maya sagai jau

Sano – Small
Gai – Cow
Ko – ‘s
Baccho – Calf
Bhirai – In slope
Ram ram – when someone is about to die
Chodera – By leaving
Jana – Go
Sakina – Cannot
Maile – Me
Baru – Instead
Maya – Love
Sagai – Together
Jau – Go

In the first line, they are feeling pity for the small calf. The calf is on a dangerous slope. Ram is a name of Hindu god. It’s natural when someone is in trouble, he or she will yell god. Like Christian say sweet Jesus or lord Jesus.

We Hindu have millions of gods, sometimes we are confused about whose name to yell. Ram is quite frequently used. In the second line, it’s about not leaving each other. I can’t go alone leaving you, so let’s go together. Here we can also correlate the meaning of two lines with each other. It is totally a personal perspective. Here, they are talking about a calf that is about to die in the first line. In the second line, they say one can’t leave the other, instead, they can go together. So I relate it, here is a different way. They love each other so much that they prefer to die together instead of leaving the other half alone. Or you can also interpret it in a different way. Like, one is promising not to leave the other in all the situations. Whatever situation they face, they wish to face together, even death.

This is totally a love song. This is not a controversial theme of the song. It is all about love. Now you can memorize a lyric. If you read this post before you come to Nepal, memorize these nine lines. You can sing like a local. Also, I hope my interpretation of the song was somehow ok to understand the meanings. If you perceive this song in a different way, please share with others. This is not the exact translation of Resham Firiri song and its meaning in English.

Are you ready to sing this song now?

If yes then click play button on video below. Then scroll up and sing along with lyrics. This is probably the original version of this song.

Also, when something is famous, people talk about it more. This song is very famous and some have changed the lyrics slightly, Kind of remix. Especially, your trekking crew might teach you some funny version of this song .

Remix trekking version of Resham Firiri Song

No doubt, Resham Firiri is the song that you need to learn before coming in Nepal.

Resham Firiri remix

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Article by Pradeep Guragain

Pradeep is the co-founder of Magical Nepal. He was born and bred in Nepal and is a seasoned hiker and rider.


  • Matt

    April 2, 2022 at 4:39 am

    Hey Pradeep, perhaps Firiri in English is ‘fluttering’ or ‘flutter’

  • Gita sarkar

    May 4, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    I visited nepal 2021there one person singing this song to entrtain us at hotel.the rhythm attracted ne and so i listening the song once and again.thanks

  • VT

    June 2, 2022 at 11:43 am

    Perhaps an English translation for “firiri” could be billowing. It’s commonly used to describe how fabric moves in the wind, such as curtains billowing by an open window. Or a dress or hair billowing in the wind.


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