Nepal Earthquake Reincarnation Of Opportunities

Nepal Earthquake Reincarnation Of Opportunities

25th April 2015, Saturday 11:56 AM!
Just imagine a situation if it was any other days of week other than Saturday!

If you imagine a situation of school it would be full of students with the excitement of new grade. Business centers and streets would be full of locals. What could be the impact of earthquake with magnitude 7.9 on business and schools if it wasn’t Saturday?

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Survivors mourn their friend that was buried in the rubble at Durbar Square, Kathmandu

Four years before, earthquake experts had estimated that within five years Nepal will face disaster and it was estimated to be higher than 8 Richter scale. In that situation, more than one hundred thousand people were supposed to be killed only within Kathmandu, more than two hundred thousand people were supposed to be injured. More than fifteen hundred thousand people were supposed to be homeless. It was predicted that there wouldn’t be electricity, telephone, and drinking water for a long time. A building, including hospital and school, bridges, airport was supposed to be collapsed. Within that forecasted time period of five years, we recently faced disaster with April’s Saturday 2015.

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Sacred temples and historical heritage sites were devastated by the magnitude 7.9 earthquake

An earthquake with magnitude of 7.9 Richter scale shook Nepal for nearly one minute. If you look back at 1934 January 15’s earthquakes, it was of Magnitude 8.4 Richter Scale and lasted more than two minutes. If you compare that situation with the situation of April 25th‘s Earthquake is a relief. It didn’t impact international airport as well as national road network. Because of which rescue team and help fund were able to land Kathmandu within 24 hours.

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Members of the APF as well as volunteers work on digging a body out of the rubble

1934’s earthquake had smashed 90 % of house and more than nine thousand people were dead. Those who had survived took shelter under the tree for more than two months. It took more than a month for foreign aid to arrive in Nepal during that time. Dharahara, which was built 108 years ago, collapsed from the fourth floor during the shake of 1934 and was rebuilt in the year 1936. However, this time Dharahara couldn’t withstand 7.9 Richter scale and collapsed right from the very bottom. Though the magnitude value is smaller than 1934, collapse of Dharahara from the bottom is proves the greater dimension of damage during 2015. Heritage sites, which withstood 1934’s earthquake, failed to survive this time. More than seven thousand people have lost their lives, approximately one hundred and fifty thousand houses have collapsed completely and similar numbers of house needs to be rebuilt. Not just those houses, all our heritage sites also should be reconstructed as soon as possible. Also hospital and others that had served injured during shake of 7.9 Richter Scale Quake needs to be managed. There is a need of construction of new monuments in the memory of demised peoples. The prime need of today is active government to accomplish all these tasks as soon as possible.

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Rescuers carry a body out of the rubble on a stretcher

It had taken twenty days for Shree 3 Juddha Shamsher to get back in Kathmandu from Bardiya after getting the news of disaster during the earthquake in 1934. This time Prime Minister Sushil Koirala was flying from Indonesia to Thailand during earthquake. He was able to manage to return Kathmandu just the next day of disaster. It took four and half years to reconstruct all infrastructures destroyed during the earthquake of 1934. Juddha Shamsher committed that the reconstruction completed after four and half years. He had also stated that new people won’t figure out the extent by which Nepal was affected by earthquake just by looking at monuments and architecture. U.K, India and Japan were the only country to help Nepal that time for every need. However, this time before Prime Minister got back to Kathmandu there was already flow of donations and aids for Nepal Earthquake and is still flowing till today. Now it’s a challenge for government of modern Nepal to give a speech within five years like what Juddha Shamsher had done in the past.

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A newari man looks on in dismay at a collapsed temple in Patan, Kathmandu

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A member of the APF (Armed Police Force) at the site of the fallen Dharahara tower

Though experts were warning about the earthquake, it looked like there were no pre plans to cope with earthquakes. Army, Police and other government bodies were on action right after the earthquake, however that wasn’t effective. There were piles of tents, medicines and other emergency stuffs on international airport. Due to lack of coordination and other delays they couldn’t be delivered to needy place in time. Nepal government couldn’t manage all those aids and asked the international community to stop sending aid for that moment.

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The older brick buildings of Kathmandu suffered the worst damage

Government of Nepal had allocated all their sources day and night to rescue, but still injured people out of Kathmandu valley didn’t get immediate help. The main priority was to rescue injured people from the concrete of Kathmandu so rescue workers were not able to leave Kathmandu in time. The frequent aftershocks and rain were major obstacles which hindered in rescuing after earthquake. If government was pre planned and organized for earthquake, the rescue team might have been able to rescue people from ruins all over Nepal. But government couldn’t even handle aid and help them. Political parties completely failed on deploying their union and workers. But sustainable development of the country is possible even after this type of disaster. This is not end of everything instead it’s a reincarnation of opportunities within various sectors of Nepal. For this we need courage and activeness. Till this date I have just seen failure aspects of Nepal Government. After 1934 January 15th 8.4 Richter scale’s Earthquake, Juddha Shamsher gave a motivational public speech in front of injured people at Tundikhel. Right after three days of returning Kathmandu from Bangkok, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala got limited within a short formal speech to the nation. Home Ministry is the key for a successful comeback in this type of circumstances, however it is still limited with answers of “Don’t Have”, “No” and “Not Possible”.

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Kathmandu Mall | The fall of the man …

Meeting of parliament had decided on the amount of USD 1,968,504,000 as fund for reconstruction, whereas USD 250 for surgery and reconstruction of each house. But still we can see the mentality of “Don’t Have” and “No” even on this decision as the Government is able to bear all the cost for treatment of injured citizen and can allocate funds of USD 3,937,008,000.

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Rescuers work together on removing rubble

In order to rebuild the nation suffering from the disaster of earthquake, Nepal Government must possess courage and source. Several individual countries, international organizations and development friendly organizations are interested to help Nepal. They should be deployed in such a way that Nepal will soon forget about the pain of the earthquake. Economic and social sectors of Nepal now must be well lead by Nepal Government with new projects and concepts. The government looks like it can’t withstand the effects of earthquake so all political parties and we locals should provide aids from our side. On this way we can lead Nepal to new opportunities and success.

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