There are currently 33 trekking peaks in Nepal. Trekking peaks first came into existence in 1978 after the Nepal Mountaineering Association was formed in 1973. The NMA is a non-profit, non-government, non-political association working as a national alpine association of Nepal to promote mountain tourism, climbing sports, to protect mountain environments and to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the mountain peoples.

NMA peaks are divided into two groups named, Groups “A” NMA Expedition Peaks, and Group “B” NMA Trekking Peaks. All the peaks lie close to popular and accessible trekking routes and can be easily incorporated into into any of the amazing treks in these regions.

Group “A” peaks are all under 6500 m but are technically difficult and require expensive mountaineering skills to climb. Group “B” peaks are under 6500 m and can be climbed with little or no mountaineering experience. Magical Nepal can arrange guides and porters for you to attempt any of the peaks. A high level of fitness is required as the altitude of these peaks makes acute mountain sickness a danger and proper acclimatization is essential. The permit cost of trekking these peaks is minimal but conditions are highly regulated and have to include insurance for guides as well as other conditions such as a garbage removal fees. Because of this it is far easier to let Magical Nepal organise your summit trek for you.

If you would like to attempt one of these peaks or include it in a trek please contact us. To read more about these peaks the NMA have produced an excellent publication on then available here.